Try the free Demo Version

The Demo version of Easy Rafters is fully functional except that the building widths/roof spans are set to predetermined values and cannot be changed. This should allow you to fully explore the capabilities of Easy Rafters and determine if it meets your needs. If you then decide to purchase Easy Rafters you'll receive an activation code that can be used to unlock the demo without having to reinstall.

Minor version upgrades and bug fixes are free so if you have purchased an Easy Rafters license you can always download and install the demo to get the latest version (you may be required to re-enter your activation code).

System Requirements

Easy Rafters is designed to operate on computers running Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or higher including Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (or higher). Although it will function on tablets runnning a full version of Microsoft Windows, it is not designed for touch and will require a keyboard, mouse, pen or touchpad for optimal use. Easy Rafters is not designed to run on Windows Phone, Windows RT, Android, any Apple devices or any device with a screen reolution less than 800x600 pixels.


  1. Download the install program: EasyRafters.msi
  2. Run the install program and follow the prompts to install Easy Rafters.
  3. By default the program will be installed to the "Program Files (x86)\Easy Rafters" folder and Start Menu and Desktop shortcuts will be created.
  4. When Easy Rafters is started in demo mode the activation wizard will appear. If you have an activation code simply follow the steps in the wizard to activate Easy Rafters (an internet connection is required for activation). Click Cancel at any point in the wizard to continue in demo mode.

Trouble Downloading?

The Easy Rafters installation program is a .msi (Microsoft Installer) file which is an executable file. You may get a warning from the Microsoft SmartScreen Filter about downloading files that could harm your computer anytime you download executable files such as .exe or .msi files. Other non-Microsoft browsers and many anti-virus programs have similar features. SmartScreen
In the SmartScreen dialog there is sometimes a button labeled "Run Anyway" and other times there is a link titled "More Info" or "More Options". Clicking on "More Info" or "More Options" will present the option to Run Anyway. Click on Run Anyway (or similar option) to continue downloading Easy Rafters.

If you're still having trouble you can try this link EasyRafters.ms_ to download a renamed version of the file which will not be recognized as an executable file. This file will need to saved to your Download folder and renamed to EasyRafters.msi before you will be able to run it.

EasyRafters.msi is simply the install program for Easy Rafters. It does not install any toolbars, download helpers, adware or any of the other junk that is sometimes included with other programs.

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