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Octagon Roof

An octagon roof is commonly used for gazebos or turrets. Easy Rafters will calculate the overall dimensions of an octagon roof given either the common rafter run (inscribed radius) or the hip rafter run (circumscribed radius) as well as calculate the rafter dimensions and the layout of the jack rafters.

Easy Rafters is designed to calculate octagons where eight equal length hip rafters with 67.5 double top bevels meet at the center. The jack rafters are calculated to start one half of the spacing distance to either side of center allowing for easier nailing of the longest jack rafters. In practice it can be very difficult to cut the steep bevels required for the hip rafters to meet at the center. You may need to modify the results obtained with Easy Rafters if you plan to use a different method of octagon framing.

To Calculate an Octagon Roof

Select Octagon from the Roof Type dropdown list or click on the appropriate toolbar button to calculate an octagon roof. The preview window will display a plan view of the octagon showing the common and hip spans as well as the length of one face of the octagon. The first two drawing pages display dimensioned side views of the octagon hip rafter and the longest jack rafter respectively, while the third page displays a layout diagram showing the location and length of the jack rafters. The hip rafter drawing includes a schematic top view that illustrates the location of the measuring line and the bevels required.