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Hip Roofs

Easy Rafters can be used to calculate standard hip roofs (main slope and hip slope are equal), and bastard hip roofs (main slope and hip slope are different). A standard hip rafter extends diagonally at a 45 angle from the outside corner of intersecting wall plates to the ridge while the angle of a bastard hip rafter will vary according to the slopes of the main and hip roofs.

All hip rafters must be dropped a small amount so that the edges of the hip don't interfere with the roof sheathing. Easy Rafters will automatically calculate the proper amount of drop and adjust the heel height of the hip rafter as necessary.

The preview window displays a plan view of the hip showing the dimensions of the hip as well as the main and hip slopes. The drawing pages display dimensioned side views of the common rafter, hip end common rafter (bastard hips only), and hip rafter, and a layout diagram showing the lengths of the jack rafters. The hip rafter drawing includes a schematic top view that illustrates the location of the measuring line and the type of bevels required.